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13 images Created 2 Jan 2013

DesignLIFE - Modern was created solely to serve the Gallery and Design Community in creating per order, custom designed, highly specific artworks for any retail, residential, commercial, advertising, and film or television application.

Designers and Gallery Owners can simply describe what they need, in terms of content, gesture, genre, size, media, tone, texture, or pattern - even to specific colors.

We save hours of your time, are specific towards your goals, and reactive to your deadlines.

Regarding Designers ... if you or your client require very specific imagery, content, and styling for a key room/office we can provide exactly that, offering high-end exclusivity for your best clients.

Regarding Galleries ... our imagery is unique in combining artistic soul with the creative freedoms that technology makes possible. Our work originates with the intent to sell and be accessible to a broad range of artistic tastes. Limited Editions and 'Signed by Artist' by arrangement.

DesignLIFE … Artworks custom designed to your own exact specifications.

Craig W. Cutler

President and CEO
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